Book 3, Chapter 10 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 3, Chapter 10

In the middle of the night, Nicole heard the phone ring and Dick speaking to someone in French. He told Nicole that it was a police officer. The police were holding Mary North and Sibley-Biers for a reason that they would not explain. They needed bail money and Dick saw this as his opportunity to do something good. Dick returned and tells Nicole the story. He found Mary and Lady Caroline dressed as French sailors. Apparently they had picked up two girls dressed like this, and the two girls ended up making a big scene. Mary pleaded with Dick to help them so that Hosian would not find out about this. Apparently, one of the girls they picked up was from a respectable family and the family was furious. They would have to make a settlement with this family. Dick told the police officer that Mary is an American citizen--the granddaughter of John Rockefeller Mellon. He went on to tell the officer that Lady Caroline is betrothed to the Duke of Buckingham. Dick then offered a thousand francs to each of the girls, and an additional payoff to the girl from the well-respected family, as well as a payoff to the police. The ladies were let out of prison and Dick told them that they each owe Gausse a hundred dollars. This was fine with Mary, but Caroline was outraged because she did not think that they should have been arrested in the first place. Gausse turned to Dick and said, "I have never seen women like this sort of women. I have known many of the great courtesans of the world, and for them I have much respect often, but women like these women I have never seen before." Book 3, Chapter 10, Page 306

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