Book 3, Chapter 8 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 3, Chapter 8

Nicole bathed herself and thought to herself that she still looked young and beautiful. She put on a dress and some perfume and waited for Tommy. Although 29, Nicole still exuded some qualities of her 19-year-old self with her confidence. Nicole wanted a change--she wanted to have an affair. All summer she had watched people do whatever they wanted without consequence. She and Tommy started flirting with each other in French. Nicole told Tommy that Dick took off because of something to do with Rosemary. Dick told her that she was complicated and she replied, "No, I'm not really--I'm just a--I'm just a whole lot of different simple people." Book 3, Chapter 8, pg. 292 Tommy told Nicole that she was the most dramatic person he had ever known. He told her that she had too much money--and that "Dick can't beat that." Nicole asked him what she should do. "Everything Tommy said became part of her forever." Book 3, Chapter 8, pg. 293

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They had lunch together and then they started to kiss. They ride to Nice together, to go to Tommy's hotel in Monte Carlo. They did not make it all the way since Tommy pulled the car over at a small shore hotel in Nice. They drank some brandy in the hotel room and began to kiss again. They heard Americans talking loudly outside their window. Nicole told Tommy that she liked the simple, bare hotel room. She asked him to kiss her again, and he told her that she sounds American. This time, they heard two American sailors fighting outside their window and Tommy watched them. As the sailors' battleship took off, they heard screaming and crying. A girl knocked on their door and asked them if she could go on their balcony to say goodbye to her lover.

That night Nicole and Tommy ate dinner at the Beach Casino at Monte Carlo. Nicole looked out at the water. "Tangled with love in the moonlight she welcomed the anarchy of her lover." Book 3, Chapter 8, pg. 298 The next morning, Nicole told Tommy that she needed to get back to the children. Dick takes her back to Villa Diana and they kissed each other goodbye. She was glad to be back.

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