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Tender is the Night Book 3, Chapter 4

Dick returned to the Riviera to live with his family. They spent time traveling in France and Germany. Dick's children, Lanier and Topsy, now ages 11 and 9, became his main focus. He came to know his children much better than their mother did. Dick spent much time with them, noticing that they did not exhibit extreme emotions. Lanier was curious and unpredictable. Topsy was beautiful like her mother. Since they sold Nicole's share of the clinic and they had investments in America, money was plentiful and they were able to travel extravagantly. They traveled with maids and governess', who help them with their extensive amount of baggage on the train. The Diver attracted attention as if they were a royal family.

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When they got off the train, their hostess, the Contessa di Minghetti (Mary North) met them. The wealth of her family made the Divers seem simplistic. As Nicole and Dick got dressed for dinner, Dick commented about Mary North, saying that she knows what she wants and that, "If Europe ever goes Bolshevik she'll turn up as the bride of Stalin." Book 3, Chapter 4, pg. 259 Nicole laughed and told him to stop insulting Mary. At dinner, Dick told tales to Hosain, Mary's fiancé who had two children from another marriage, one of whom is sick. Later that night, Nicole lectured Dick for being rude to Hosain. Lanier was waiting for his parents in their suite and he told them that he had taken a bath in the same water as the sick child. Dick told Lanier to go take a bath in their room right away.

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Dick spoke to the governess' about changing the bath water, but worries that he may offend Mary. The next day, Mary spoke to Dick and was furious that he asked Hosian's sister to clean the tub. Dick had no idea that the woman he spoke to was Hosian's sister; he thought that she was a servant. Mary explained to Dick that it is the custom of Hosian's family was that when the oldest son marries, the oldest sister becomes Himadoun, or Mary's ladies in waiting. Dick apologized for not understanding what Mary had told him the night before. Mary demanded that they fetch Lanier so she can ask him about the dirty bath. Lanier told them that he thought the suds in the tub meant it was dirty, but he was mistaken. Dick laughed, trying to break the tension, but then made a comment to Mary about how she has become dull. The Divers decided to leave, and they departed on bad terms with Mary. As they left, Dick joked with Lanier about the situation.

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