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Tender is the Night Book 3, Chapter 2

Dick lied to Nicole and told her that he had been injured in Rome while trying to help a drunk friend. The relationship between Franz and Dick started to change. When Dick lost one of his patients, Franz suggested that he take a trip to Lausanne to work with a boy. In Lausanne, Dick met the boy's father, Senor Pardo y Cuidad Real (the Spaniard), and listened to him speak about his corrupt son, Francisco. Apparently Francisco's condition, homosexuality, had become worse because he had been drinking. Dick felt that the father was overreacting and being overdramatic, but he kept it to himself, and pretended to treat the matter seriously. Dick talked to Francisco, who thought his situation is hopeless. Dick told him that he needed to learn to control his sensuality. As they talk, Dick started to think about his relationships with his lovers and friends. In thinking of these relationships, he realized that, "There was some element of loneliness involved--so easy to be loved--so hard to love." Book 3, Chapter 2, pg. 245

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As they were talking, Royal Dumphry approached them. Dumphry flattered Dick by telling him that the night he had dinner with he and Nicole was one of the happiest memories in his life. Dumphry then mentioned to Dick that Nicole's father was in Lausanne and that he was dying. Dick was astonished to hear this news. Dick found Dr. Dangeu, who was taking care of Nicole's father and found out that his liver was failing--most likely because of his alcoholism. Senor Pardo returned and begged Dick to cure his son, but Dick said he couldn't commit a person on those grounds.

Dr. Dangeu returned and told Dick that Mr. Warren wished to see Nicole. Mr. Warren told Dick that he knew he had little right to see Nicole, but that it would make him very happy to see her for just ten minutes. Dick hesitated in approving this because he knew that Nicole was not strong, but he told Mr. Warren that he would consult his associate on the matter. Dick called Kaethe and told her that Nicole's father was dying and that he needed to talk to Franz right away. Kaethe accidentally told Nicole this information before Franz, and Nicole immediately ran off to see her father. Franz told Dick that Nicole was on her way, and Dick replied by telling Franz that Mr. Warren had disappeared. Mr. Warren had gone to the bar for a drink, and then got on a train for Paris. They suspected that he may be headed back to America. Dick tried to comfort Nicole and told her that her father may not be dying after all and that he would probably live to be 90.

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