Book 1, Chapter 5 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 5

Rosemary went to Monte Carlo sulking as much as possible. When she arrived to La Turbie, the place looked like Hollywood as there was the bizarre debris of a recent movie. After waiting for ten minutes, a young man hurried down to the gate, apologized for keeping her waiting, and told her to come in and that Mr. Brady was on the set, but anxious to see her. At the end of the scene that he was shooting, Brady came over and spoke with Rosemary, complimenting her on her movie - Daddy's Girl, and inquiring if she was signed. She was. Brady kept looking Rosemary up and down, and she realized that he desired her. However, should she surrender, she would forget him half an hour after she left. Brady stated that the offer he had extended to her about working with he still stood, but that he could not move back to Hollywood. Then, he resumed making his movie. Rosemary left, but her view of the Mediterranean had changed since she now knew that there was a studio there.

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