Book 3, Chapter 1 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 3, Chapter 1

Frau Kaethe Gregorovius asked Franz how Nicole was doing. She assumed that Nicole must be sick since she saw him so much, and she told him that she was not fond of Nicole. Franz told her that he had to take care of Nicole since Dick had been away, but he told her that Dick would be returning from Rome the next day. Kaethe accused Nicole of being less sick than she acts, and said, "she only cherishes her illness as an instrument of power." Book 3, Chapter 1, pg. 239

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Kaethe went on to say that Dick only married Nicole for her money. She said that Nicole would not come close to her or let their children play together. Franz asked her to stop insulting Nicole since it was her money that enabled them to open to the clinic.

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Kaethe and Franz went to dinner, and when Kaethe saw Dick, she commented on how awful his appearance is and how she could smell liquor on his breath. She said that Dick was "no longer a serious man." Franz continued to defend his friend and he said that Dick was a more brilliant neuropathologist than he could ever be. As they went to sleep, Franz started to think that maybe Dick was no longer a serious man, and Kaethe was thinking that she may have been too hard on Dick.

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