Book 2, Chapter 22 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 22

Dick sat at the Quirinal bar after dinner. He was in a bad mood and he told Collis that he did not like the Italians. He said that he left Rosemary for a few seconds and an Italian started flirting with her. Dick decided to take out his frustrations of the day on the Italian people. Rosemary sent Dick a note telling him that she did not go to the party. He told the messenger to tell Rosemary that he couldn't find him. Dick continued to insult Rome. He associated Rome with the end of he and Rosemary. Collis liked Rome, but Dick liked France.

The two men went to listen to a cabaret and became drunk. Dick was cruel to one of the men in the orchestra. Dick was not impressed with the atmosphere at the bar, and he was still in a foul mood. Dick became drunk and called the orchestra leader over and started insulting him. Dick noticed a pretty blond English girl smiling at him so he went over to her and asked her to dance. Dick went to get more to drink and he said goodbye to Collis, who was also intoxicated. When he went back to the dance floor to find the girl, she had disappeared.

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Dick left the bar and argued with the taxi driver to take him back to the hotel for less than 100 lire, but the driver refused. Dick got in a fight with the taxi driver and fell and was taken to the police station. The captain at the desk told Dick to pay the driver and go home. He spoke to Dick in French, but Dick was not listening to him. Dick said he would pay, but then punched the police captain. They all beat Dick up, and left him injured and delirious.

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