Book 2, Chapter 21 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 21

That night Rosemary had other dinner plans, so Dick had a drink with Collis. Dick thought about how Nicole was his girl, and about how his time with Rosemary was just for fun. He ran into Baby Warren, and she was surprised to see him since she thought he was in America. They had dinner together and discussed Nicole's condition. Baby was upset that Nicole was not doing better. Baby suggested that Nicole and Dick live in London for a couple of months around sane, English people, rather than keeping Nicole at the clinic. Baby and Dick disagreed about the English. Baby tried to convince him to go to London, telling him how much money she had. Dick did not want to go to London.

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Baby asked if Dick thought Nicole would be better off with someone else. Dick was annoyed with this question because he loved Nicole.

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Dick changed the subject and started to ask her why she hasn't married yet. She told him that one of the Englishmen she loved was killed in the war, and the other one broke her heart.

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The next day, Dick had lunch with Rosemary and he realized that they were not in love. There was less passion between them than there was before.

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Dick thought about his love for Nicole. He asked Rosemary about her previous affairs with men. Nicotera, one of Rosemary's boyfriends, called and Dick left, even though Rosemary told him that he is the one she loves. They argued about her relationship with him, and she admitted that Nicotera wanted to marry her, but she said she did not want to marry him. Rosemary told Dick that she was confused. She started to cry and told Dick that she only cared about him and her mother. She asked Dick to stay, but he leaves her. Dick told her that he did not seem to make people happy anymore.

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