Book 2, Chapter 20 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 20

Dick went up to Rosemary's room and told her that she still looked beautiful. Rosemary told him that her mother always liked him. Dick told her that he has seen a couple of her films, but that they weren't very popular. She said that she had some better roles coming up. The phone kept ringing and Rosemary talked to the person rather secretively, keeping her hand over the phone. Dick moved and Rosemary jumped up and tells him that her second cousin was on the phone and not to leave.

Rosemary told him that she was a woman now and she lowered the lights. They started to kiss. Dick asks her if she was still a virgin, and she avoided answering. Instead, she played games and teased him. They kissed passionately some more and talked. Rosemary had been using Dick as a basis of comparison for other men in her life. They took a walk outside together and Rosemary told Dick that she had already made other plans for the evening, but that she would see him tomorrow.

The next day, Rosemary took Dick to the set where she worked. She came out wearing a tunic and asked Dick for his opinion. One actress talked to Dick for a while, thinking that he was another actor. Dick saw Nicotera flirting with Rosemary. The actors had "risen to a position of prominence in a nation that for a decade had wanted only to be entertained." Book 2, Chapter 20, pg. 213 As they left the set, Nicotera whispered something to Rosemary. She left with Dick and they went to lunch. They then went back to the hotel and slept together at last.

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