Book 2, Chapter 18 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 18

Dick arrived in Innsbruck and started thinking about how Nicole was far away. He remembered how he loved her when she was at her best. But, Dick needed to go away to find himself again.

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He is confused about Nicole and Rosemary. Dick thought that he had never felt more secure with himself than when he was with Nicole, although he admitted that her money made him feel trapped in the marriage.

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Dick started falling in love with every pretty girl that he saw. He noticed an attractive woman in the lobby.

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The two looked at each other, but then Dick turned away. The next day, Dick went up the Birkkarspitze with a guide, but a storm started so they had to turn back. When they returned, he saw the girl from the lobby again and he felt both excited and lonely.

He went back to his room and opened a telegram from Holmes, a rector at his father's church, telling him that his father has died. Dick was shocked and very upset. He read the message over a few times. He wondered how his father died and figured that it must have been old age. He began to think of fond memories of his father, the cleric, who had always had a good heart. Dick remembered how his father used his mother's money to put him through medical school.

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Dick made plans to sail for America, and he called Nicole to let her know.

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