Book 2, Chapter 17 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 17

Dick happened to see Tommy Barban in the Marienplatz in a café in Munich. Tommy introduced Dick to his friends, Prince Chillicheff, Mr. McKibben, and Mr. Hannan. Mr. Hannan jokingly asked Dick why he was fooling around with his aunt and what he was doing in Munich. Tommy remarked that Dick didn't look very well.

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Both Tommy and Tommy's friend, Prince Chillicheff were wearing nice clothes that they told Dick were made in Poland by a court tailor. Prince Chillicheff told Dick that they had been in hiding in Russia working in a government bakery, and they escaped. When Dick told them that he, too, is going to Innsbruck, McKibben asked Dick to travel with him, but Dick declined the offer. Dick did not want to deal with McKibben's governess and family.

Dick learned from the men that Abe North had been beaten to death at a speakeasy in New York. They talked about how Abe was a good musician who drank too much. The men debated whether or not this was at the Racquet Club or the Harvard Club. Dick is shocked and upset to hear this news. He asked the men if they are sure that it was Abe North. They told him that they read the news in the paper that morning. Dick repeated the news to himself, not really believing it. Dick was very sad about the death of his friend.

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