Book 2, Chapter 16 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 16

Dick told Franz that he wanted to go away for a month without Nicole to the Psychiatric Conference in Berlin. Dick got on a plane for Munich with no intention of going to the conference, although he imagined what the conference would be like. There would be Americans, Latins, those who supported Freud's ideas, Jung, and other Europeans. The Americans and Europeans would discuss their ideas, each wanting to appear superior. Dick examined the villages along the way and spent time with people in the churches. This reminded him of sitting in his father's church in Buffalo. Dick spoke to an Englishman, feeling that, "England was like a rich man after a disastrous orgy who makes up to the household by chatting with them individually, when it is obvious to them that he is only trying to get back his self-respect in order to usurp his former power." Book 2, Chapter 16, pg. 195

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He read magazines, thinks about church and different philosophies, and dreamt about some of life's pleasures.

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