Book 2, Chapter 15 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 15

Dick arrived home from the clinic to find a letter sent to Nicole from a discharged patient accusing him of seducing her daughter. Dick had kissed the girl, but he rejected her further advances at him. Dick told Nicole that the letter was not true, but she did not believe him. They got into the car with their children and drive in silence to a carnival. Nicole began to act up and Dick found himself once again torn between acting as her doctor and acting as her husband. Nicole ran off and Dick followed her and found her on the top of a Ferris wheel. They fought about the girl in the letter and Nicole accused Dick of calling her delusional any time she saw something that he did not want her to see. Nicole begged Dick to help her. Dick told her that he could only help her in the same way that he always had. This time Dick wanted Nicole to cure herself.

They found the children and left, and everyone in the car was somber. Nicole was screaming at Dick in the car and she caused him to get into a car accident. When Nicole got out of the car she was laughing hysterically. Dick sent the children to a nearby inn to tell someone to come down and help them. The innkeeper came down and noticed that they would have gone straight down the hill if the tree hadn't stopped them. Dick told Emile not to worry about the car, and that they would wait for the chauffeur.

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