Book 2, Chapter 14 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 14

Dick woke up from his dream about the war. Dick had turned 38 and he had been working at the clinic for 18 months. The clinic was modern and had the beauty of a country club. Dick awoke after having a dream about war and heard Nicole mumble in her sleep. He thought about how the years slipped away for Nicole, about how she was lonely, and about how she felt she owned Dick even though he did not want to be owned. Dick did think that Nicole has the capacity for truly loving their children. Dick tried a few times to let go of his hold on her, but he would always go back.

Dick's son, Lanier, admired his father for starting the clinic. Dick, in turn, admired his son and devoted much time to him. Lanier watched his father shave and asked him curious questions. Dick described the decorations in the clinic-beadwork, brass, and colors and designs in a circle.

Dick thought that most of the patients liked him better than Dr. Gregorovius. Dick also thought about one of his patients, an English woman, who spoke to him about the music at the clinic. Dick asked her when she was going to play something for all of them, even though he knew she did not know how to play anything.

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Nicole took great care in her decorations in the houses in Eglantine and Beeches in the clinic. She used her imagination to its fullest capacity and she referred to herself as "the master plumber." Dick thought about his experience with one of his female patients who used to be pretty, but now suffered from hallucinations. Franz had tried to hypnotize her, but this did not cure her. Dick did not believe in hypnosis. The woman told Dick that she felt as if she had gone to battle. The woman did not think that he could do anything for her. Dick thought about this woman, and some of his other patients and wonders if he really could do anything to help any of them.

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