Book 2, Chapter 9 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 9

Dick arrived at the hotel to meet Nicole, Mamora, and both of their families. Dick thought that the Mamora's fortune had something to do with a bank in Milan that had something to do with the Warrens' fortunes. Baby Warren (Beth) paid special attention to Dick and asked him for advice on what to do about Nicole. Baby told him that she could not tell if Nicole was acting eccentric or crazy. Dick assured her that Nicole's recent behavior had been normal. Baby then told Dick that she had a plan to move Nicole to the south side of Chicago, where old Chicago families live, and where Nicole could fall in love with a nice doctor. Dick laughed at her suggestion that the Warrens could buy Nicole a doctor.

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Meanwhile, Nicole had disappeared and Baby was worried. Dick went to find her and he saw her outside looking out at the lake. Nicole said the music was too much for her and she wanted to get away. Dick told Nicole that he liked her, and fumbling, Nicole asked him if she was the type of girl Dick might have dated. When Dick made a joke, Nicole flared up at him, telling him that she had common sense now and she said, "And if I don't know you're the most attractive man I ever met you must think I am still crazy. It's my hard luck, all right--but don't pretend that I don't know--I know everything about you and me." Book 2, Chapter 9, pg. 154 Dick then told Nicole that he couldn't fall in love with her and Nicole said that he never gave her a chance. She asked Dick for a chance, and they kissed.

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Nicole walked away feeling confident that Dick was hers. Dick followed her, they kissed again, and a storm began.

Dick found two notes in his hotel the next afternoon. The first note was from Nicole, telling him that she had no regrets about the other night. The next note was from Beth, asking if he could accompany Nicole back as far as Zurich and drop her at the sanitarium. Dick was upset because he thought Beth was trying to set him up with Nicole, but in fact, he was not the kind of doctor that Beth wanted in the family. Dick accompanied Nicole on the train and they sadly parted.

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