Book 2, Chapter 8 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 8

Dick had been feeling upset over the few prior weeks and he had been dreaming about Nicole. One day he saw Nicole out with her sister and she looked at him like she was frightened. Dick tried to get a handle on the situation by writing himself a memorandum, but he could not deny that his emotions were still involved. Dick observed a few things about the attitudes the English had towards the Swiss--they seemed to be suspicious of them because of their association with the Germans, and they commented on how their cable cars are superior to those in Switzerland and Germany. Obviously, ill will still existed from the war. Dick took his bicycle and rode the cable car up the mountain.

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In the car, he ran into Nicole and a Latin-looking young man, Conte de Marmora. Nicole flirted with both men. Marmora fought for Nicole's attention by suggesting that he throw her around so that she would fall like a feather. Dick noticed "the delight on Nicole's face--to be a feather again instead of a plummet, to float and not to drag." Book 2, Chapter 8, pg. 149 The sunny day and fresh air seemed to parallel Nicole's new found health and happiness. Dick wanted to stay at a different hotel so that he would not have to see Nicole, but he agreed to drop by their hotel after dinner. When Dick settled in to his own hotel, he started to think about the feeling that he and Nicole had for one another.

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