Book 2, Chapter 6 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 6

The next time Dick and Nicole saw each other was in May. Dick said men look at her because of her elaborate clothing. Nicole found herself both beautiful and rich. Dick moved back to Zurich during the first week of summer to work on his revision of "A Psychology for Psychiatrists." Dick believed that it will be published. He commented on his profession and said that, "The weakness of the profession is its attraction for the man a little crippled and broken." Book 2, Chapter 6, pg. 137 Dick considered himself to be one of these men, while he felt that Franz was chosen by fate to be a psychiatrist. Franz thought that Dick was oversimplifying things. They discussed the fact that Dick liked Nicole and that Nicole was possibly in love with Dick.

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Dick and Franz went to see Professor Dohmler and Dohmler questioned the relationship between Dick and Nicole. Dohmler thought it best if the two did not see each other, and suggested that one of them go away. Franz said that he did not think it was necessary for either of them to go away. Dick then admitted that he was half in love with Nicole and that he had thought of marrying her. Franz interrupted and said that they would be doomed to fail, and that he might as well never see her again. Dick agreed.

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