Book 2, Chapter 4 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 4

Franz told Warren that he would take on his case if he agreed to stay away from Nicole for at least five years. Franz and Dick discussed Nicole's condition as seen in the letters. Dick had answered Nicole's letters, giving her a chance to think of somebody outside. When Nicole went to boarding school, she developed the idea that all men were evil as a way of protecting herself.

Dr. Dohmler, Franz, and Dick all analyzed Nicole's letters. Dick said that her recent letters are hopeful and romantic. They discussed Dick's feelings towards Nicole. When Franz asked Dick what he plans to do, Dick told Franz that his main goal is to become a great psychologist. Dick was content to remain in France because he still received military pay, and he had a job offer at Gisler's Clinic in Interlaken. Franz advised Dick against taking this job. Dick started to think about his life and wondered: "God, am I like the rest after all?" Book 2, Chapter 4, pg. 133 He thought about how he wanted to be good and wise and loved.

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