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Tender is the Night Book 2, Chapter 3

Dr. Dohmler's correspondence with Mr. Devereux Warren in Chicago allowed him to meet Mr. Warren's daughter, Nicole, who was 16 at the time. Mr. Warren spoke to Dr. Dohmler (in German) about helping his daughter, Nicole with her mental illness. Mr. Warren became emotional as he told him that Nicole's mother died when she was only 11, but other than Nicole's childhood was normal and happy. Mr. Warren also said that he noticed Nicole's insanity eight or so months ago when she implied that their valet was making advances towards her. Doctor Dohmler daydreamt about what it would be like to have a clinic in Chicago as he listened to Mr. Warren. Mr. Warren went on to say that Nicole's sister started writing down the insane things that Nicole was saying about men trying to attack her.

After speaking with Nicole, Dr. Dohmler and Franz diagnosed her a schizophrenic, with fear of men as a symptom. Mr. Warren reluctantly came back to speak with Dr. Dohmler, even though he had been planning to return to America. Mr. Warren broke down into tears and admitted the truth: "We were just like lovers--and then all at once we were lovers--and ten minutes after it happened I could have shot myself--except I guess I'm such a Goddamned degenerate I didn't have the nerve to do it." Book 2, Chapter 3, pg. 129 Mr. Warren went on to say that this did not occur repeatedly. Upon hearing this, Dr. Dohmler told Mr. Warren to see him in the morning, and then he suggested that they go to Chicago.

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