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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 25

As soon as he left, Dick and Rosemary embraced again, and then Rosemary said that she had to leave, and "made an exit that she had learned young, and on which no director had ever tried to improve." Book 1, Chapter 25, pg. 109 She went to her room and directly to her dresser where she had left her wristwatch. She slipped it on and finished the sentence that she had started in the letter to her mother. Then, without turning around, she noticed that she wasn't alone in the room. When she did turn around, she saw that a dead Negro was stretched on her bed, and she let out a scream. Dick was tidying up the room, and Nicole had come in and was throwing away one of Abe's extraordinary ashtrays when Rosemary burst in. She screamed Dick's name and told him to come with her and see. Dick felt the pulse and noticed that the blood was on the blanket and had seeped through to the mattress. He closed the door, but then heard footsteps and Nicole calling his name. He told her to go and bring their comforter and top blanket, and not to let anyone see her. He stripped the same materials off Rosemary's bed and exchanged them quickly with Nicole in the hallway. He quickly assessed the situation and realized that the hostile Negro had tracked Mr. Peterson down and when he found him in the corridor, Mr. Peterson had tried to take refuge in Rosemary's room, but to no avail. He also realized that if the situation was left as it were, it would look like it was Rosemary's fault, and her career would not have a chance. Dick grabbed the body and placed it in a plausible position in the corridor. Then, he went back to his suite and called the owner of the hotel.

All his pleasantness toward the hotel owner was finally paying off. Dick said that they came out of their suite and came upon a dead Negro in the hallway, and that the reason he was calling was so that no other guests see it. He asked that his name be kept out of it, and that it was simply out of consideration for the hotel that he must inform him. The body was soon gone, and Dick and Rosemary returned to the Diver's suite in search of Nicole. They heard inhuman sounds coming from the bathroom, and walked in thinking that Nicole had fallen and hurt herself. Instead, when they walked in, they found Nicole rocking and crying and she shouted at Dick that he she never expected him to love her, but to give her privacy in the bathroom - the only place she can be alone.

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She continued by saying that it was him and the bloody spread that were intruding on her, him asking her to fix them all the time.

Rosemary, back in their room, stood, realizing what Violet McKisco had seen in the bathroom the night of the party. The phone rang, and she almost cried with relief when she heard Collis' voice. She asked him to come up while she got her hat, since she was afraid to go into her room alone.

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