Book 1, Chapter 23 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 23

Abe North was still at the Ritz bar, where he had been since nine in the morning. He had left for a little while to the barber to be shaved, but came right back. When he returned, Paul, the famous concessionaire, was there, and he sat down to speak to Abe. Abe told him that he was supposed to leave Paris the prior morning to, but didn't because the next installment of the Liberty was due in Paris, and if he missed it, he would have never read it.

At one o'clock, the bar was full, and in the confusion, Abe had lost his seat and so began involving himself in random peoples' conversations. At four, the chasseur approached him and asked if he wanted to see a colored man by the name of Jules Peterson. Abe was distraught and asked how Jules had found him. The chasseur answered that he had been to all the American bars and hotels. Abe asked him to tell Jules that he was not there, and then asked if Jules was even allowed to come in. In response to this question, Paul shook his head and said he couldn't allow it. Abe got up and went outside.

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