Book 1, Chapter 22 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 22

A knock on the door woke Nicole up late the next morning. A police sergeant came in and asked if Abe North was there, and Nicole replied that he had left the prior morning to America. The sergeant shook his head and said that he had been seen in Paris the prior night. Nicole responded that that was peculiar because they had seen him off on the boat train. The sergeant reconfirmed that he had been seen there this morning, and said that his identification card had been found. Nicole replied by saying she knew nothing about it. The sergeant then said that they had arrested the Negro that had robbed Abe, and that Abe should come to identify him. When he left, Nicole got dressed and called Rosemary's room. There was no answer. She was hoping to hear from Dick. Meanwhile, she called the hotel registry, and found that Abe had registered at six-thirty that morning. As she was about to leave the room, the telephone range, and the office announced that Mr. Crawshow, a Negro, was there to see Abe, and that he was a friend of the Divers. He said that Mr. Freeman was unjustly put into prison. Nicole disclaimed everything, hung up the receiver, and left.

She ran into Rosemary at the dressmakers, and they shopped together. Again, Rosemary noticed that she and Nicole spent money in very different ways. Whereas Nicole was sure the money was hers, Rosemary spent money as if it had been lent to her and she had to be careful where she spent it. Rosemary admired Nicole's way of spending.

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When they returned to the hotel, they found Dick there. He had received a phone call from Abe, who had spent most of the morning in hiding. Apparently, Dick had launched a 'race riot', and wanted to get Freeman out of jail. He was back in Paris because he had reached Evreux by train, but wanted to compare the plane ride to Paris with that to St. Sulpice. Nicole told Rosemary what a gentleman Abe used to be, but the alcohol tore him apart.

Dick was feeling increasingly resentful by the hour. He was not used to self-indulgence, and was wondering if Nicole could guess his emotions. He was not sure, as the prior night, she had referred to Rosemary as a child. They then went down for lunch, and carefully studied the party sitting next to them. However, Dick could not stop thinking about Bill asking Rosemary if he could pull down the curtain.

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