Book 1, Chapter 18 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 18

Dick threw a wonderful party that evening, and there were many people that Rosemary did not know. However, the fact that Dick was there was comforting. "The enthusiasm, the selflessness behind the whole performance ravished her, the technic of moving many varied types, each as immobile, as dependent on supplies of attention as an infantry battalion as dependent on rations, appeared so effortless that he still had pieces of his own most personal self for everyone" Book 1, Chapter 18, pg. 77 She was remembering the times that she was happiest with Dick when Mary said that she had to take Abe home because his boat train left at eleven the next morning. Then, Dick stated that he and Nicole were going home, and asked Rosemary if she wanted to go with them. However, she had already promised Mary that she would stay with them, or Abe would never go to bed. Dick then told Mary not to let Rosemary go home alone, as he felt responsible for her mother. Then, he left. Later, Rosemary, the Norths, and some other people were riding on top of thousands of carrots in a market wagon, and were throwing the carrots at each other. Later, when she was homeward bound and thinking that she had finally been to a wild party, she realized that it wasn't fun when Dick wasn't there.

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