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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 17

The outside of the house looked very historical. However, upon entering, Rosemary found that it was very modern inside. There were about thirty people, mostly women, dressed in high fashion. There were two types of people: the Americans and English, who had been there all summer and were quiet at times, and explosive at others; and the 'exploiters', who were sober, serious people with no time for fun. The latter class kept their balance best in this environment, and set it's tone.

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Rosemary and Dick were separated almost immediately upon entering, and Rosemary was absorbed by a conversation three young women were having, and so moved closer toward them. They were discussing how good of a show was put on by the Divers, and how Dick used the same lines with every person. Furthermore, they didn't like Nicole or Abe, but admitted that Dick could be one of the most charming people. Rosemary looked around for Dick, and found him with the hostess. Their eyes met, and he nodded slightly. Suddenly, the three women noticed her, and stared at her critically. She looked back at them, letting them know that she knew that they had seen her and that she had heard them, and then walked over to Dick. Dick immediately excused himself, and they left. They agreed that it was a terrible place to be, and got into the taxi. They started kissing, and Rosemary exclaimed that she didn't know what came over her the night before, and that it must have been the champagne. Dick dismissed this, and said that she had simply said that she loved him, and they continued kissing, until the turn before the hotel.

Dick then told Rosemary that although he loved her, there was nothing they could do about it, and that Nicole must never find out. After Rosemary said that nothing matters, as long as he loves her, he continued to say that Nicole must not suffer, and that he also loved Nicole and she loved him.

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Rosemary understood - it was about not hurting people. However, Dick continued further to say that what was between him and Nicole was active love - more complicated than he could tell Rosemary, and that it was responsible for the crazy duel. Rosemary was surprised that Dick knew about the duel as they had agreed not to talk about it, but Dick said that Abe could never keep a secret, and that he had told him. Dick then walked Rosemary to her room, and went back downstairs to make arrangements for the evening. Meanwhile, Rosemary wrote a letter to her mother, and was surprised that she did not miss her at all.

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