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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 16

Rosemary woke up ashamed. When she looked in the mirror, all she could think of was the boy who had taken her to her Yale prom the year before, and the fact that her mother had forwarded a letter saying that he was in Paris. She then got dressed and went shopping with Nicole. She admired Nicole for her wisdom and beauty, and for the first time in her life, Rosemary felt jealous and felt that she did not measure up to Nicole's beauty. Upon noticing the building she had lived in when she was young, Rosemary pointed it out to Nicole, who thought that was strange because she had spent a winter there when she was twelve. It was at a time when Nicole's family was 'economizing', as was Rosemary's family. However, Rosemary was fully aware that their definitions of 'economizing' were very different.

As they got out of the taxi to meet the others and lunch at the Norths', Rosemary reconstructed herself again. When she saw Dick, their eyes met and everything felt wonderful again. After lunch, they went to Franco-American Films, and were joined by Collis Clay, Rosemary's young man from New Haven; however, she was no longer attracted to him. In the projection room, she sat between Dick and Collis and watched Daddy's Girl. However, when the lights went out, she felt as if she were alone with Dick. The movie portrayed her in utmost youth and innocence, and Dick was astounded by the sincerity of her character and applauded, telling her that she would be one of the best actresses on the screen.

After watching the movie, Rosemary announced that she had arranged a screen test for Dick. Everyone was shocked, and Dick kindly refused the test, saying that pictures make a fine career for women, but that he was an old scientist wrapped up in his private life. They then decided to go to tea, but everybody was busy except for Rosemary and Dick. Taking Collis, to drop him off, they mounted a taxi, where Rosemary told Dick that she had wanted him to take the test because if it turned out well, then she would take him back with her to California. Dick was overwhelmed and said that that was incredibly sweet. At this point, Collis interrupted and spoke of how he had seen the picture four times, and that in New Haven everyone was in love with Rosemary. However, he was soon gone, and soon after, Dick and Rosemary arrived at their destination. Dick then asked Rosemary if she wanted to go in, and Rosemary said that she didn't care. Dick said that they had to because on of the ladies inside wanted to buy pictures from a friend of his who needed the money. However, he warned Rosemary that she wouldn't like the people, and told her that they would only stay for five minutes.

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