Book 1, Chapter 14 Notes from Tender is the Night

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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 14

Upon reaching Paris, Nicole was too tired to continue with the group, and so went back to the hotel. Rosemary realized that when Nicole left, her oppression lifted, and felt that Nicole was like her mother - an incalculable force, and that Nicole was afraid of her. Since reaching Paris, Abe North's eyes had been bloodshot from sun and wine. Rosemary realized that she had started to stop in places much more often to get drinks. She was just starting to consider Mary's quietness when Mary turned to Abe and told him that they would be turning in after the drink in hand. Dick said that they had all better get going after that glass, and commented on how Rosemary said that she didn't drink. To this, she replied that she never said she wasn't going to, and that it was her birthday the day before, so she was celebrating turning eighteen. Dick did not agree that this was the celebration, and said that they were all going to go out the next day to celebrate. Everybody agreed that at eighteen, nothing mattered. Abe said that nothing ever mattered, and that Rosemary should drink more because her lymphatic glands only begin to function at eighteen. Dick said that that was medically incorrect, and Abe retaliated by saying that he would have another hit on Broadway before Dick finished his scientific treatise. Dick joked that he might give it up, and Mary was shocked that he would even joke that way. Then, he and Rosemary left.

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