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Tender is the Night Book 1, Chapter 11

When she went downstairs, she found Campion in the lobby. He asked her if McKisco was all right and when the duel was going to be. Rosemary resented his speaking of it as if it were a circus, and answered that she didn't know when it was going to be. He then asked her if she would go with him, to which she replied that she did not want to go, and that her mother wouldn't like it. As she reentered her room, her mother stirred and asked where she had been. After telling her mother about what had happened, her mother told her told her that she should go see it, but not to sit close to it. She continued to say that she like Rosemary to do things without her, and although Rosemary didn't want to go, she did not dare disobey her mother. She went back downstairs and got in the car with Campion, who had brought his movie camera with him.

Soon, they pulled up into the golf course. McKisco took a swallow of brandy and the principals stood facing each other. Abe stepped forward with a handkerchief in his hand, and Rosemary found herself gritting her teeth with hatred for Barban. As Abe counted to three, they both fired. Then they both swayed but recovered themselves. They had both missed. Barban declared himself unsatisfied, and wanted another shot at a closer distance. However, Abe said that it had all gone far enough, and McKisco returned the pistol to Abe to give to Barban. At this point, Abe asked him if he wanted another shot, and McKisco said that he didn't and that he had been courageous to do it in the first place. To this, Abe replied that he was drunk, and if he couldn't see the difference between being drunk and courageous, then there was no point in getting into it. Before leaving, the doctor asked for payment, and Abe paid while McKisco turned into the bushes and was sick there. The only thing Rosemary could think of was that in a few hours, she would be with Dick again.

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