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Tender is the Night Objects/Places

Gausse's Hotel: The Divers convinced Gausse to open up this hotel on the French Riviera. Fashionable people spend summers here, and it is where the book starts.

Mother: An authoritative symbol, Rosemary admires her and would never disobey her.

The Riviera: An area in the south of France and where the book starts and Gausse's Hotel is. Also, the location of the Villa Diana.

The transparent swimsuit: Nicole sews this for Dick, but with skin-colored material underneath it. Rosemary is delighted by it, and it shows the expensive simplicity of the Divers.

La Turbie: The place they shoot movies in Monte Carlo. It reminds Rosemary of Hollywood.

Daddy's Girl: The movie Rosemary made that made her famous.

The bathroom (in Villa Diana): In here, Violet McKisco sees something that she never speaks about because people prevent her. However, it is the cause of the duel.

The duel: This occurs between Tommy Barban and Mr. McKisco, and is started because Tommy tells Mr. McKisco to shut his wife up, when she wants to talk about what she saw in the bathroom.

Compliments: Used very often by Dick to win people over, these are often not genuine, and people start to get tired of them. However, they work on Rosemary.

Paris: After spending time in the Riviera, the Norths, the Divers, and Rosemary go to Paris.

Franco-American Films: A studio in Paris, this is where Rosemary takes everyone to watch Daddy's Girl on her birthday, and where an American man Dick meets is hoping to get a role.

The exploiters: The group of people at the party Dick and Rosemary go to, who are very comfortable and set the tone of the party, however, do not have fun.

The train (Easter): Running between New York and Chicago, Rosemary and Bill Hillis close the blinds to their compartment and lock the door on this train. This causes an argument with the conductor and makes Dick jealous.

Zurich: Where Dick works and lives some months of the year- first for Dr. Dohmler, and then at his own clinic.

Dohmler's clinic: A mental clinic where Nicole is first admitted. It was started by Dr. Dohmler.

Chicago: Where the Warren family is from.

New York: Where Dick is originally from. He returns there when his father dies, and then moves there permanently when he and Nicole divorce.

Naples: Where Dick meets up with Rosemary, when he leaves Nicole for a while.

Rome: Where Dick gets arrested for fighting a cab driver and a police officer.

London: Beth wants Dick and Nicole to move here because it is more 'proper', but Dick refuses.

Car accident: After fighting, the Diver family gets into the car and Dick starts driving. Because Nicole keeps shouting at him, they get into a car accident. However, when they get out, all Nicole can do is laugh.

Police Station: After getting into a fight with a cab driver, Dick ends up at the police station, where he punches a police officer.

Alcohol Problem: Dick develops an alcohol problem, after which nobody likes him anymore, and he is told to take a leave of absence from his work.

Villa Diana: The Diver's home on the French Riviera.

Barbershop: This is where Tommy meets Dick and Nicole, and where Nicole and Tommy tell Dick that they love each other, and that Nicole will leave Dick.

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