Chapter 12 - 14 Notes from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Chapter 12 - 14

The Nolan family moves to Lorimer Street, which is still in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where they used to live. Although many of the husbands in the area are just as badly behaved as Johnny, Katie wants her family to be better. They move to a house where they get free rent in return for Katie's work as a janitress.

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Chapter 13

The Nolans get used to their new, nicer surroundings. Francie continues to read Shakespeare and the Bible, but she still has no friends. She knows that the neighbors tease her because of her bizarre family, so she makes up imaginary friends. She watches the kids play games in the street, hearing them shun her. She likes music and thinks of becoming a street organ player or a tambourine player. She realizes that she won't get anywhere in life doing that and changes her focus.

Chapter 14

Sissy's sex scandals begin to weave into the Nolan's lives, causing them trouble and forcing them to move again. She first borrows a tricycle to give the kids a ride, only to be reprimanded by the owner. The police officer finds her attractive, so they chat and she is safe from the law. Then she leaves her special box with the kids. They get curious and open it. They tie together the condoms that were inside and hang them out the window. Johnny and Katie are ashamed when they see it and ban Sissy from entering their house. Although everyone says that she is bad, Katie insists that she has so much good within her.

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They move to Grand Street to a flat on the upstairs floor, where they have privilege to the roof. Francie tells Johnny that she's six going on seven and will start school the next year. She waits a year to attend so that she and Neeley can go together and support one another. Johnny remembers that he has been married for seven years and has had three homes. He says this will be his last. "Francie didn't notice that he said my last home instead of our last home" Chapter 14, pg. 122.

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