Chapter 4 - 6 Notes from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Chapter 4 - 6

Francie drops by Flossie Gaddis' to look at the costumes that she wears once a week to cover up her damaged arm. She works in a kid glove factory to make money for her family; her brother Henny, who is dying of consumption, is in special need of help.

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Chapter 5

Katie (mama) comes home with Aunt Sissy from the show. Sissy has magazines for Francie that she got from her factory. Sissy is her favorite aunt and very glamorous. She has been married three times and has had ten babies, all who have died. Sissy and Francie have a very special bond. Sissy works in a rubber factory and often brings presents for the children from work.

The Nolans live on all the different foods that Katie makes from stale bread. In the winter, sometimes they buy a pickle from the old Jew down the block. This special treat is always something to which Francie looks forward.

Chapter 6

Francie and Neeley visit the butcher on an errand for mama. They have specific instructions for round meat and slowly tell the butcher their mama's instructions, fearing a mistake. After Sunday dinner, Neeley plays outside with the neighborhood boys and Francie goes to confession with her orphan friend Maudie Donovan. When she comes home, Katie's sister, Aunt Evy, is sitting in the room with her husband Willie Flittman. Everyone has a fun time and Willie gets a little drunk. Johnny arrives home and stays up all night talking and reminiscing with Katie. Before they go to bed, Francie and Neeley read their habitual dose of literature. "Before they went to bed, Francie and Neeley had to read a page of the Bible and a page from Shakespeare. That was a rule. Mama used to read the two pages to them each night until they were old enough to read for themselves. To save time, Neeley read the Bible page and Francie read from Shakespeare." Chapter 6, pg. 49.

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