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Chapter 19 Notes from Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart Chapter 19

Okonkwo's last year of exile dragged along and he sent money to Obierika to build the beginning of a home for Okonkwo's family in their native village. Okonkwo had spent his seven years in Mbanta planning for ways to regain his former social status when he returned to his village. He planned to buy the first in the rung of social titles for two of his sons when they returned.

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Just before Okonkwo took his family back to their native village, he gave a great feast to thank his kinsmen in Mbanta for their kindness while he'd been in exile in their village. At the ceremony, one of the elders gave a great speech about the danger that this new religion posed to their clan because it made it possible for sons to separate from their fathers and severed the ties of family on which their tribe was built.

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