Chapter 46 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 46

Tess is working out in the turnip field at Flintcomb Ash a short time later when Alec shows up and asks her to marry him so that he can right the wrong that he did to her. He confesses that he's still enchanted by her as well, so it's not just a sacrifice to do the right thing. Tess tells him that she is married and she does not love anyone but her husband. She won't tell him who her husband is, though. She sends Alec away, but he makes another visit to Flintcomb Ash at the cottage where she lives. Alec blames Tess for his distraction from his newfound faith because he's in love with her. He asks her to pray for him, and she says, "How can I pray for you, when I am forbidden to believe that the great Power who moves the world would alter his plans on my account?" Chapter 46, pg. 314

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She sends him away again, but there's a part of her that knows that if she married him, she wouldn't have to stay at this farm and work so hard. Alec d'Urberville is determined to have Tess and he isn't going to give up until he gets his wish.

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