Chapter 41 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 41

Eight months after leaving for Brazil, Angel becomes sick and is still unsuccessful in his farming attempts there. Meanwhile, Tess is working to support herself, trying to save the last twenty-five pounds she has from Angel, but she is forced to spend it when she cannot find work. Just before she gets thirty pounds more that Angel sent her before he left for Brazil, Tess gets a letter from her mother asking for twenty pounds to fix the roof. As soon as she gets the money Angel sent her, Tess sends her mother the money she asked for, keeping up the charade that she's living with her husband and can afford to help them out.

Tess gets a letter from Marian telling her of a job at the farm where Marian works. Tess, desperate for work, begins making her way there and looking for jobs along the way. The farm where Marian works is difficult and Tess looks at it as a last resort.

Unsuccessful everywhere else, Tess works her way toward Marian. As she is walking on the road at dusk one night the man from Tantridge walks past her and recognizes her again. She refuses to speak to him and runs away from him because she's afraid of what he'll do to her. She spends the night hiding in the bushes.

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