Chapter 30 Notes from Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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Tess of the d'Urbervilles Chapter 30

Angel asks for Tess's answer and she tells him that she's not ready to give her explanation yet, but she will tell him everything before they get back to the dairy. To pass the time, Angel points to a manor house they pass and tells her that it belonged to the d'Urberville family long ago. Tess says nothing until they are on their way back to the dairy. She tells him about where she was born and how her parents are shiftless and lazy. She then tells him about her link to the d'Urbervilles who owned that manor such a long time ago. He thinks that her connection to the ancient d'Urbervilles is her big secret and she lets him believe it because she chickened out at the last minute and did not tell him about Alec and the trouble that her d'Urberville connection has caused her.

Angel advises her to begin going by d'Urberville instead of Durbeyfield, thinking that such a connection may help his parents accept her, but Tess doesn't want to change her name. In his amusement over Tess's family connection he mentions Alec d'Urberville and tells her how his family assumed the name to hide that their money came from working as merchants. Seeing Tess balk at the idea of going by d'Urberville, Angel jokingly tells her that she must marry him and take his name so that she can escape her own.

Tess finally agrees to marry him with the condition that he is sure that he's marrying her for who she is in spite of her flaws and mistakes. Angel, not knowing what he's agreeing to, tells her that he will. Tess, in tears part joy, part guilt, tells him that she must write to her mother in Marlott to tell her the news. In that moment, Angel realizes where he's seen Tess before and she says, "Yes; at that dance on the green; but you would not dance with me. O, I hope that is no ill-omen for us now!" Chapter 30, pg. 188

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