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The Stranger Objects/Places

Algiers: Algiers is the city in Algeria where Meursault lives. He misses his bed and comfortable home when away at Maman's funeral and even more, during the trial.

Celeste's: Celeste's restaurant is the café where Meursault generally eats his Sunday morning breakfast and drinks his regular coffee. He goes there the morning after Maman's death and escapes from it when he wants to be inconspicuous.

The beach: Marie and Meursault run to the beach together after Maman's funeral. They swim in the water and run back to Meursault's apartment to make love. When lonely, Meursault thinks back to his time on the beach with Marie. The beach is also the site of the murder. It is on the sand near a stream that the Arabs fight with Raymond, Masson, and Meursault, and it is the same place at the beach to which Meursault returns and shoots the Arab.

The courtroom: A majority of the second portion of the novel takes place in the courtroom. Meursault observes all aspects of the room, the people inside the room, and the men of letters.

The prison: Meursault spends his remaining days in prison, struggling to keep sane. He passes time in his cell by thinking of the dawn, of his self, his self-importance, Maman, and Marie. He sleeps as much as possible, eats, and continues to read a single clip from a newspaper repeatedly. It is in prison, that Meursault is forced to think about his actions...and ultimate apathy towards them.

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