Chapter 8 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 8

Mrs. Jennings has two daughters, and with both of them married, she turns her match-making skills upon Elinor and Marianne. She announces to everyone her belief that Colonel Brandon is in love with Marianne. A perfect match, "for he was rich, and she was handsome." Chapter 8, pg. 32 Marianne finds this attention mortifying, as she thinks the Colonel, who is thirty-five and talks of flannel waistcoats, is too old to be a lover. Elinor jokes that if the Colonel were feverish instead of arthritic, Marianne would be in love.

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When Elinor leaves the room, Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne discuss when Edward will visit. Marianne does not understand the cool behavior between two who are supposed to be in love, nor can she comprehend Elinor's pleasant attitude when her love is absent.

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