Chapter 48 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 48

Elinor, who had secretly hoped that Edward would not be able to marry Lucy, now finds herself without hope and full of pain. Elinor imagines the couple at Delaford's parsonage, Lucy gaining her ends by relentless flattery, Edward her husband, and feels miserable.

They expect the Colonel to arrive soon, but when a man rides up on horseback, they discover it is not the Colonel, but Edward. Elinor quiets herself, and determines to act cheerful and normal. The three of them wait, pale and anxious, for Edward to enter. When he does, they are courteous, and try to be warm. All are uncomfortable, but it is Elinor who speaks first. She asks him where Mrs. Ferrars is. He tells her that his mother is in town. Looking away, she corrects him, and asks about Mrs. Edward Ferrars. Confused, he suggests she means his brother, who has just married Lucy Steele. Astonished, Elinor runs out of the room, closes the door, and bursts into tears. Edward, thoughtful at her behavior, walks back to the village.

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