Chapter 45 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 45

Elinor cannot help but feel compassion for Willoughby, whose own bad acts had also created much misery in his own life. Shortly after Willoughby's departure, the Colonel and her mother arrive, relieved to hear Marianne is doing better. Mrs. Dashwood tells Elinor how the Colonel revealed his love for Marianne during the anxious carriage-ride. Happy with her daughter's recovery, she now hopes to marry Marianne and the Colonel, once Marianne is well. Elinor is of mixed feelings, unsure if it is a good match, but she appears happy. They discuss the Colonel's fine character, and the chance of persuading Marianne to marry him. Mrs. Dashwood has convinced herself that Willoughby is and was not a good person, and would never have made as good a match with Marianne as the Colonel will. Mrs. Dashwood is already thinking of what kind of house she could buy near Delaford, the Colonel's home. Believing Edward and Lucy will likely be married living on his parsonage, Elinor can think of nowhere she would rather avoid.

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