Chapter 41 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 41

Edward thanked the Colonel, and carried the news on to Lucy. Lucy told Mrs. Jennings that she and Edward were very happy.

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Elinor thought it would be proper for someone to go and visit Fanny, after all the trouble with Lucy, and Elinor found herself the only one willing to go. Elinor was turned away from the Dashwood home, but as she was leaving John came out. He made an excuse for why Fanny, who was home, chose not to see Elinor. That settled, John asked Elinor many questions about the Colonel's parsonage, which he heard had been given to Edward. Being so cheap himself, John could not believe the Colonel could just give the parsonage away to someone he barely knew. Elinor assured him that it was true.

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John asks Elinor not to mention the parsonage to Mrs. Ferrars, because he knows it will cause her pain. Elinor cannot understand how a mother who has just disowned her son can care, regardless of what is happening to him.

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John tells Elinor that they are thinking of matching Miss Morton with Robert, now that Edward is marrying Lucy. This is not strange for John, who comments that since Edward's wealth now belongs to Robert, there is little difference between them. On the subject of attachments, John feels it necessary to tell Elinor that though there were objections to an attachment between herself and Edward, they would have been much less than to the one between Edward and Lucy. Annoyed, Elinor thinks how wonderful it is to be the lesser of two evils.

Robert comes in, and Elinor tells him about Edward's parsonage. Concerned only with appearances, Robert wastes no time making fun of his brother's being a clergyman. He pretends to regret that there was nothing he could do to stop Edward's match with such an inappropriate girl.

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