Chapter 39 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 39

Marianne is still just as anxious to leave town, and Elinor arranges it so they can travel to Cleveland, the Palmer's home, which is a day's trip from Norland. Marianne is not satisfied, because Cleveland is in Somersetshire, where Willoughby lives. But Elinor convinces her, and they prepare to leave with Mrs. Jennings.

The Colonel comes over, and has something to discuss with Elinor. Marianne is playing the piano forte, and Mrs. Jennings tries not to listen but just can't help herself. She hears what she imagines to be a marriage proposal, from the Colonel to Elinor, but there are enough unromantic sentences to make her confused. Actually, the Colonel is making an offer of his parsonage at Delaford for Edward, and he wants Elinor to convey the message. The parsonage is small, meant for a bachelor, but it is all the Colonel has to offer. Elinor is very surprised, and reluctantly agrees to carry to Edward the news; this will likely ensure his marriage to Lucy.

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