Chapter 38 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 38

Mrs. Jennings continues to praise Edward's character; Elinor swells with respect for him, and Marianne, upon realizing his punishment, cannot help but forgive him. Elinor hears more details of what occurred during a walk in Kensington Gardens. She runs into Anne, who is happy to hear that no one is mad at Lucy or herself. She then tells Elinor how Edward suggested to Lucy that the engagement should be off, since he now had so little to offer her. But Lucy would not agree to it, and they decided he would take orders and try to find a place in the church. Elinor is shocked when Ann reveals that she heard this conversation while listening through the door.

Elinor repeats little of this ill-found news to Mrs. Jennings, telling her only about the plan for Edward to take orders, and their decision to wait until he has a parsonage before they marry. Mrs. Jennings thinks that could take a long time.

The next day Elinor receives a letter from Lucy. In it, a smug Lucy tells her that despite all their troubles, she and Edward are still very much in love. She thanks Elinor for all her help, and makes a few flattering comments to Mrs. Jennings, in the hope she will help her. She also suggests if they know anyone with a parsonage, that they please remember her and Edward.

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Mrs. Jennings is very flattered, and comments on how nice it was for Lucy to mention everyone. The kindness, however, was only out of her hope of getting favors.

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