Chapter 35 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 35

Lucy is very pleased that Mrs. Ferrars liked her, and very smug about Elinor's being so slighted. Elinor tries to remind Lucy that Mrs. Ferrars does not know about the engagement, so Lucy should not be too excited. Lucy thinks this is silly, and comments on how pleasant Mrs. Ferrars and Fanny are. Elinor bites her tongue.

Edward, entering the room suddenly, interrupts the conversation. All are shocked and uncomfortable. Elinor, to avoid suspicion, has to welcome him and treat him politely, while Lucy stands silently by, watching her. Lucy remains silent, leaving Elinor the task of making the situation less awkward, which she attempts to do as best she can. Marianne comes in, and greets a confused Edward very warmly. She speaks to him as though he were family, which makes Lucy very suspicious.

Edward leaves, and Lucy follows soon after. Marianne complains about Lucy's presence, and Elinor's behavior towards her beau, but Elinor cannot break the confidence and tell Marianne the truth.

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