Chapter 30 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 30

Mrs. Jennings expresses her concern for Marianne. She has learned, independent of them, of Willoughby's engagement to Miss Grey, a lady with a large fortune. She is as unbelieving and disgusted by his behavior as Elinor. Mrs. Jennings acts kindly towards Marianne, though she often unintentionally comments in a way that stings the sensitive Marianne. Mrs. Jennings is already thinking how good this turn of events will be for the Colonel, whom she believes now has a chance with Marianne.

The Colonel comes by the next day, and asks if what he has heard about Willoughby is true. Hearing that it is, he does not rejoice for his new chance; rather, he feels much sadness for Marianne, who he knows must be greatly troubled. This Miss Grey is very rich, and Elinor now doubts that Willoughby ever had real feelings for her sister. Marianne, though, can believe nothing else. She still looks for anything to excuse such behavior from her true love.

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