Chapter 27 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 27

Marianne consoles herself with the thought that the weather is nice, and Willoughby may have stayed longer in the country to enjoy the time to hunt. Never has anyone appreciated fine weather more than Marianne, and yet she fervently wishes for frost.

Elinor is reasonably happy with Mrs. Jennings and her friends, and Colonel Brandon offers her a source of intelligent conversation. The Colonel, who "came to look at Marianne and talk to Elinor" Chapter 27, pg.142, watches Marianne with sadness.

When they return from a morning out, they discover Willoughby had stopped by and left his card. Marianne is very upset to have missed him, and does not want to leave the house, in fear of missing him again. When she does unhappily go out to a dance, she learns that Willoughby was invited but did not come.

Elinor, troubled by this uncertain behavior, writes to her mother the next day, asking her mother to question Marianne about this engagement. The Colonel comes by, and asks Elinor if the engagement is certain, his question indicating his intention to court Marianne. Elinor did not know what to tell him about the engagement, but told him that of their affections for each other, she was sure. Elinor feels sorry for the Colonel, who leaves with sadness.

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