Chapter 26 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 26

They travel to London, Marianne in ecstasy at the thought of seeing Willoughby, Elinor apprehensive at the thought of running into Edward. Marianne spends the long carriage ride to London deep in her own thoughts, leaving Elinor to make continuous small talk with Mrs. Jennings. Once they arrive, Elinor writes to their mother, Marianne to Willoughby. When they soon receive a visitor, Marianne expects it will be Willoughby, but instead it is Colonel Brandon. Marianne rudely leaves the room, and Elinor does her best to excuse her sister to the Colonel.

Marianne spends the next day constantly waiting and hoping for a visit from Willoughby, or even a letter from him. She receives neither, and spends much of her time pacing back and forth.

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