Chapter 18 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 18

Elinor worries over Edward's mood. When Marianne tries to leave Elinor and Edward alone during breakfast so they may talk, Edward leaves, instead of taking this opportunity to be alone with Elinor. He is not acting at all like a lover. When he returns, he compliments the hills and landscape of Barton Valley, but Marianne still finds his description faulty. Elinor chooses to compliment Edward for speaking without pretension and from his heart. Marianne feels sorry for her sister; she has an unpoetic beaux.

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During tea, Mrs. Dashwood notices a ring Edward is wearing. In the current style, it is set with a woman's hair, which Edward awkwardly says is his sister's. Elinor sees it and imagines it to be her own, though she does not know when Edward could have taken a lock of her hair.

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Mrs. Jennings and Sir John come over that afternoon, and are eager to hear that Edward's last name begins with an F, the letter Margaret mentioned in regard to Elinor's beaux.

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