Chapter 16 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 16

Marianne does not allow herself to sleep the first night after Willoughby's departure, and cries through most of it. She spends the day wandering around Allenham, and the evening playing her and Willoughby's favorite songs. Her grief was powerful, and she indulged it. After a few days, she is completely depressed.

Again the subject of the engagement comes up. Elinor wants her mother to ask Marianne if she is engaged, but Mrs. Dashwood feels that such a question would be insensitive.

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The Dashwoods keep talk of Willoughby at a minimum, but Mrs. Jennings and Sir John do not. At the mention of their unfinished reading of Hamlet, Marianne moans that it may be months until they will have their Hamlet back.

While walking with Elinor, a man appears on horseback. Marianne thinks he is Willoughby, but she is deeply disappointed to see that it is Edward Ferrars. She is still happy to see him, though she finds him too reserved in his behavior toward Elinor. Also, when she asks him to comment on the hills of Barton Valley, she thinks his description is boring and unenthusiastic. And Elinor, though she does not show it, is also confused and angered by his cold manner, which she did not expect from someone who she thought loved her.

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