Chapter 12 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 12

Elinor learns from Marianne that Willoughby has given her a horse which he bred on his estate in Somersetshire. This large and expensive present is very impulsive and inappropriate. The Dashwoods do not have the money to care for a horse, and Elinor reprimands Marianne, suggesting the present is improper. Marianne is insulted by this criticism of Willoughby, and insists the gift is completely innocent. Elinor can only persuade Marianne to give up the horse by convincing her of how much stress its' care would place upon their mother.

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Elinor no longer doubts Willoughby and Marianne to be engaged, and this is further confirmed when Margaret tells her how she saw Willoughby beg a lock of hair from Marianne, and that Marianne agreed. Margaret next lets slip to Mrs. Jennings that the name of Elinor's beaux begins with an F, and Mrs. Jennings uses this as an opportunity to tease Elinor.

Despite the fact that the weather was cool, the group decides to journey the next day to the estate of Colonel Brandon's brother-in-law, for a day of fun.

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