Chapter 11 Notes from Sense and Sensibility

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Sense and Sensibility Chapter 11

After Marianne recovers from her sprained ankle, Sir John starts to throw many parties and dances, during which Marianne spends all her time with Willoughby. But Elinor is not happy. It is hard to see her sister so in love, when Edward has been so long absent. She also misses intelligent conversation, though finds the Colonel to be a consolation.

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A quiet man, Elinor believes the Colonel to be suffering from a long-broken heart. His curiosity about Marianne's disapproval of second attachments leads Elinor to believe he was attached previously. In critiquing Marianne's opinion, the Colonel mentions a young woman he knew who was much like Marianne, but he stops suddenly. This raises Elinor's curiosity, but she does not pursue it.

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