Chapter 32 Notes from Snow Falling on Cedars

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Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 32

Although Hatsue's parents are not convinced that this new evidence will cause a mistrial, Hatsue is grateful. Privately, she kisses Ishmael very gently and tells him, "Find someone to marry. Have children, Ishmael. Live." Chapter 32, pg. 446

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The next morning Hatsue comes to see Ishmael early. She excitedly tells Ishmael about a way they could see whether Carl's battery really did die: he would have lashed up a lantern as an emergency light. They go to town together to look at Carl's boat. Art Moran is at first hesitant to let them, but he eventually sees that the new evidence is important. Though there is no lantern on the boat, it is clear that a lantern was there, because of cuts in the lashings. Art, Abel and Ishmael also discover a dent in a wood pole near where the lantern was hung. The dent has several human hairs stuck to it. Art Moran takes them to the coroner to be tested.

Soon after the tests, Kabuo Miyamoto is released from prison. Ishmael sits at his typewriter, thinking about what he will say in his article about the case. He imagines Carl Heine trying to cut down his lantern after speaking with Kabuo and borrowing the spare battery. Carl must have been knocked against the wooden pole by the force of the wake of the huge freighter coming toward him. When he fell into the water, he was unconscious and drowned soon after. No one knew, considered Ishmael, what any of those involved in the case were feeling or thinking as the events occurred. "The heart of any other, because it had a will, would remain forever mysterious." Chapter 32, pg. 460

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